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Francesco Dagostin

Hello, my name is Francesco and I am the psychologist who will accompany you on this journey to inner peace. I graduated in Psychology from the prestigious University X and have accumulated years of experience in helping people overcome difficulties and achieve mental well-being. My passion for mental health care and my dedication to the personal growth of my patients are my main motivation.

Francesco Dagostin

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"The most effective way to influence the world is to change oneself."

⁓ Viktor Frankl

My studies to date.

My training began with a three-year degree in psychology, where I acquired a solid theoretical foundation and began to develop my practical skills through internships and work placements.

Subsequently, I decided to continue my studies with a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology, which provided me with an in-depth knowledge of mental disorders and the therapeutic techniques to treat them.

Couple psychotherapy

A path to rediscovering love and complicity in a couple’s relationship. Send us a message or if you have an urgency book a call now

Family Psychotherapy

An opportunity to strengthen family ties and improve communication within the nucleus. Send us a message or if you have an urgent book a call now

Child Psychotherapy

A positive experience for children, where they can express their thoughts and emotions in a welcoming and safe environment. Send us a message or if you have an emergency book a call now

Individual Psychotherapy

We offer a safe and confidential space in which to explore your thoughts and emotions. Send us a message or if you have an urgent matter book a call now



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